Training for artist in Bologna

On September 19-23, 2022, we conducted a training for artists from all partner countries – Italy, Croatia, Greece, Poland and Spain. The workshops were attended by over 20 people involved in creative work – painters, graphic artists, musicians, designers. The aim of the workshops were to raise the level of artist knowledge in the field of non-formal education methods, the use of widely available remote work tools and the creation of effective marketing campaigns. We used a lot of different ways of training: group work, discussion, brainstorming, individual work. After workshops participants were integrated, exchanged information about their cultures and got to know Bologna.

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Goals achieved during training:

- gaining new skills and competences by artists,
- stimulating creativity and personal development of participants in the promotion and organization of artistic activities in various fields,
- conducting 20 hours of workshops in the field of non-formal education methods and work in virtual space,
- providing access to free, constantly updated teaching and educational materials,
- exchange of information, knowledge and experience between participants.




Our training is:

Our training is:
- integration of artists from different countries
- sharing artistic work,
- workshops shaping new skills of creative work
- strengthening teamwork skills
- valuable knowledge about running marketing campaigns, remote work, using available, free tools.

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